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Voiceover Rates


Voice work is generally subject to a Basic Session Fee (BSF) which is £250. This applies to sessions that:

  • Are recorded in or for an external production house or studio where the client or creative is directing the session.
  • Relates to corporate material with multiple scripts, be it directed live or self recorded.
  • Are for larger scale TV, Radio & online campaigns.

BSF may not apply to:

  • Singular Radio commercials recordings by an internal network hub, or production companies.

Rates for radio commercials are set by the equity rate card, but I may offer bulk discounts on large campaigns.


As well as the possible session fee, usage fee’s may also be applicable. Unless specified this covers one year and applies to:

  • Radio & TV Broadcast (Subject to TVRs – Media Plan)
  • Online Video including Youtube, Vimeo, Catch Up and On Demand services
  • Corporate Presentations with multiple site coverage

Other Fees

Cost of recording, editing and sending file via a secure transfer method maybe charged depending on the size of the session at hand. This fee does not apply to station imaging retainer work or independent radio advertising on a singular basis.


Re-reads required due to an error on my  part will be completed in a timely manner at no further cost. If errors are not registered  after a period of 7 days I reserve’s the right to charge for initating a new session to fix the errors.

Scripts that need to be amended due to errors other than my own, or changed due to content review will be subject to a re-read cost between 50-100% depending on complexity of the change and time between receiving the original read and requesting a new one. If after a period of 7 days any part of a script needs to be re-recorded, it will be treated as a new job and priced accordingly.


Unless specified all voice works  will be subject to a usage licence of no more than 1 year. Once this time period is up a new fee will be applicable to renew the licence and continue using the  voice. If this is not acceptable then an adjustment of the existing usage fee must be made to make provision of the “buy out” element of the usage costs.

Payments / Non payments

Unless stipulated by invoice, payments for my services are to be made upon receipt. Work for companies overseas may require payment upfront. In accordance with this, favourable rate discounts may be possible. Payments not settled within the invoice terms will be subject to late payment interest and possibly an admin fee for notification letters. Further details can be found on the invoices published  or available by request. If after a reasonable amount of time payments are not met, a debt collection agency will be summoned to collect any outstanding debt. Further more, litigation will follow for the unlawful use of my voice which will be pursued to the maximum extent of the applicable country’s law.

Discounts & Demos

Demos are subject to a charge if they are for finished productions, which require the full script to be read. Small clips are not generally charged depending on the profile of the client. Discounts may be available for work that involves a significant broadcast reach or multiple chargeable elements.