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Seldom Seen, Always Heard!

“Professional, Versatile, Dependable. Job Done!”

– Rich Evans | Syncbox Post

A young, yet exceptionally experienced voice, Stevie’s tones can be heard on a multitude of platforms for leading brands. From advertising skin care products, engaging a stadium of 30,000, or doing promo & imaging for TV & radio, he’s a naturally strong, cool, credible sounding guy, with a little edge – and very creative, too!

His long standing involvement in the audio production industry bolsters his ability to self produce whilst providing high quality recordings quickly at great value.

He performs his services from his audio production facility Sixty Six Sound working with pro Tools HD, Focusrite & SPL hardware along with Neumann & Sontronics microphones.

Different time zones are no problem as the locality of his studio makes it easier to provide late night and early morning sessions. Previous clients include Nissan, Nivea, BBC Radio & Television, Coca Cola, Sky, Virgin Media and Red Bull.

(Image by James Sheppard)


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